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Surreal poem
Dull cleptomaniac cat exalted the light
In postorgasmic darkness where playing elephants.
There's grumbling and bustle found flavor and color
Dismembered under hunched Spring's eyes

There's flew twittering? And let him fly!
D'you think that easy to be into endless underpants?
After all, no one rides - and what do they want 
The reflected mischief ligths in the eyes.

Worm has laughed, baring his fangs
And disappeared into depths of six-dimensional space.
Surprised to this fact widen they eyes 
Seven furry cows, loaded into a trance.

Drowned in snoring itself a well-fed dream
But found the sysadmin password from dawn ...
And no one knows how edit they part
The ass sitting lonely mosquito.
Категория: Разное стихотворное | Добавил: Silvester (2012-10-04)
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